Thursday, October 23, 2014

Another Color in Your Rainbow

In your business, are there any folks who do things terribly wrong?

Sure there are!
So it is in mine - Business COMMUNICATION.

Over 90% of folks have figured out how to do QR Codes terribly wrong -- all by themselves.

* The first mistake is to publish a "NAKED and Alone" symbol and expect to achieve results. 

* The second failure is to lead folks to their web page -- which they can not read on a 4 inch screen.

Please let me know how I can assist you to meet your goals!

Here is where I drive folks to learn about the three keys to business growth - ENGAGE / DIRECT / MEASURE.


After you click thru to the next page, please watch the 2 minute 47 second video... it will put "Another Color in Your Rainbow".

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Please click on the "comment" underlined link below and then type your question or share your opinion.

1) Do you only write about business issues, or do you show some of your HUMAN self to business associates?

2) Have you ever thought about using QR Codes – which I have branded #Call2ACTION™ Symbols – as another way to assure increased ENGAGEMENT and INTERACTION with your written communications?

Can you provide links to some great examples from YOUR writing?

2) Do you notice the cursor turning to a hand (indicating a hotlink lies below) when you are on a web page, or do you only respond to links that are underlined with blue?

3) Which links (please rank 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) would you be most likely to click on?

____    A Photo HOTLINK (only indicated by the cursor turning to a hand – or text copy advising you to click on the photo)

____    A "Shortened URL" - like with no description about the landing target of that URL?

____    A "Shortened URL" - like with text describing the landing target as being a video "Webinar" about the Industry Best Practices using Mobile Websites, APPS, SMS, and QR Codes?

____    A “Hidden URL” – like the text National Retail Federation 2013 Report - Mobile which has an underlying HOTLINK, but the URL is hidden?

____    I only click on VISIBLE URL Hotlinks like that are in the syntax:!

4) What other methods do you use to encourage increased AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT / “Click Throughs”?

5) What other creative way have you used to present a “Clickable Link” inside a digital media post – or as part of Pinterest PIN or Instagram Photo Upload?

6) What other "Pearl of Wisdom" can you SHARE with us?