Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What can small business learn from facebook's Q2 Earnings Call?

I respect HEYO and it's founder, Nathan Latka.  The article he wrote about facebook and small business is RIGHT ON with what my small business clients have been experiencing.

Here is the full article:

We may dislike (hate) facebook.... but Marketing 101 teaches, BE WHERE YOUR AUDIENCE IS... and YOUR Audience, like mine, is on facebook!


Small business should continue focusing on building their own assets using Facebook as a means to drive traffic. The highest value asset a small business can build from Facebook is their email list as evidenced by Amy Lombard with Mixed Bag Designs last month. With her reach declining on Facebook, Amy tried a Facebook contest that asked users to enter their email for a chance to win her new bag design. Amy’s campaign attracted 1799 viewers and 582 decided to enter their email.

Amy now uses the 582 new emails to sell more bags. Takeaway: Build your email list.

In summary, Facebook is looking to connect everyone, understand the world, and grow the knowledge economy. For small business owners with limited time and budget, continued focus on building small, organically grown communities on Facebook is the best route.

Use these communities to grow the relationship with your fans and then collect emails so you’re growing your own personal asset that you can use regardless of the reach decline that will inevitably continue over time on Facebook.

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