Sunday, April 27, 2014

How to Insert a PHOTO HOTLINK Into Facebook

1) Go to any web page that contains a photo you want to use as THE HOTLINKED PHOTO - make sure the photo is the only thing on the page

2) In the address bar - click on the URL to highlight the address

3) Right Click - COPY

4) Open (or GO TO) the active facebook tab, and the post area where you want to insert this HOTLINKED PHOTO

5) Right click - PASTE

6) PAUSE... wait for facebook to thoughtfully munch the web address and magically insert the HOTLINKED PHOTO well as the first few words on the page (if there is any there).

7) Then, click the POST button

8) BONUS....if there are any other HOTLINKS on that source page; they will also be hotlinks available for the user to click on, once they arrive at the TARGET page that clicking on the photo directs them to

9) Now for the MAGIC.... the important finishing touches....Click on the little down arrow in the upper right hand corner of the post box and choose EDIT POST

10) The "visible web page URL" will appear...  NOTE: You can't entirely remove it, but you can replace that URL with any copy you like...such as a descriptive title of your photo... Or really any descriptive comment you'd like your readers to see above the photo... even a SPACE - if you want that area to appear BLANK.

11) When you are finished, click DONE EDITING.

12) Voila, like magic, you are left with only the photo - with no visible URL, and either nothing else, or the words you typed during the editing process.  ENJOY!

1)  Click "Link" from the "Share" menu at the top of your Facebook profile page or homepage.

2)  Type the correct Web address into the link field. Alternatively, you can copy a hotlink from the address bar in your Web browser and paste it into the link field.

3)  Click the "Attach" button beside the link field.

4)  Enter a message to describe the hotlink in the message field.

5)  Click the padlock icon. Click your preferred privacy settings for the inserted hotlink from the drop-down menu of privacy options. This controls who can see the inserted hotlink; you can choose to share the link with friends, friends of friends or everyone.

6)  Click the "Share" button. This inserts the hotlink into your Facebook pages and news feed.

As always,  COMMENTS & QUESTIONS ARE INVITED!  Please click on the "comment" underlined link below and then type your question or share your opinion.

1) Have you ever thought about using QR Codes – which I have branded #Call2ACTION™ Symbols – as another way to assure increased ENGAGEMENT and INTERACTION with you facebook posts? 

Can you provide links to some great examples from your facebook page?

2) Do you notice the cursor turning to a hand (indicating a hotlink lies below) when you are on a web page, or do you only respond to links that are underlined with blue?

3) Which links (please rank 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) would you be most likely to click on?

____    A Photo HOTLINK (only indicated by the cursor turning to a hand – or text copy advising you to click on the photo)

____    A “Shortened URL” – like with no description about the landing target of that URL?

____    A “Shortened URL” – like with text describing the landing target of that URL as being the National Retail Federation 2013 Report - Mobile?

____    A “Hidden URL” – like the text National Retail Federation 2013 Report - Mobile which has an underlying HOTLINK, but the URL is hidden?

____    I only click on VISIBLE URL Hotlinks like that are in the syntax!

4) What other methods do you use to encourage increased AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT / “Click Throughs”?

5) What other creative way have you used to present a “Clickable Link” inside a facebook post – or as part of Pinterest PIN or Instagram Photo Upload?

6) What other "Pearl of Wisdom" can you SHARE with us?