Monday, March 10, 2014

If you own a smartphone, do you have a QR code scanning app? And...Know How to Use It?

From a LinkedIN Discussion Thread:

If you own a smartphone, do you have a QR code scanning app? And...Know How to Use It?

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Yes, Jerry Nordstrom, that's why I give away an Infographic, a Call2ACTION™ Symbol "carrier" to educate "How to Use" and increase engagement, plus provide a whole Call2ACTION™ Symbol school for FREE.

The more we teach "Best Practices", the better we can all communicate.

A simple google search for the term "Call2ACTION™ Symbol" can get you a ton more positive resources!

Glad you liked the flower example.

PS - My favorite was a High School Chemistry teacher who used a calendar with Call2ACTION™ Symbols on each date that she held a chemistry lab.

The kids who were absent could then go to the calendar when they returned to school, and scan the symbol to see a video recording of the entire lab.

Try duplicating that critical educational experience with any other tool!

BTW - They won the International Society of Technology in Education award.  The whole report on trends for the last three years are available FREE from that ISTE web site.

Enjoy the "leading edge" learning adventure that QR Codes represent!

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1) How many people do you know who own a smartphone, but have no clue how to scan a QR [Quick Response] code?

2) Do you find yourself scanning these CAll2ACTION
™  Symbols more or less often in 2014?

3) What are three positive experiences you have had, because marketers did a good job providing VALUE behind the QR Code they asked you to scan?

4) Do you appreciate that the TRACKING of audience ENGAGEMENT can provide the most beneficial results -- and thus be the primary reason for marketers to use

Call2ACTION™ Symbols!

5) What was your worst disappointment with a scan, and how could the marketer have made this a more pleasant experience?

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