Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Increase ENGAGEMENT with QR Code - Call2ACTION Symbol™ Carrier-Envelop

Yes, the world needs to be educated... 

and professional marketeers are challenged to find new and innovative ways to EDUCATE in order to increase engagement with their target audiences.

What about these QR Codes, you ask?

Let me share a story....

To prove a point about the effectiveness of QR codes [Quick Response Codes] as a powerful sales tool, I went to a networking group of small business owners.  There were 40 people in attendance.

I wanted to make a powerful and memorable demonstration, so I asked one of the members who was acting as "Master of Ceremonies" to introduce me as a MUTE!

I only had 15 minutes, so I needed to communicate quickly and effectively!

The point I wanted to leave these folks with is that a mute salesperson can produce greater sales results using Call2ACTION™ Symbols than the best salesperson they have on staff - and the best marketing efforts they were currently employing!

My plan was to return to this group 2 weeks later, at their next regularly scheduled meeting, WITH TRACKING RESULTS to share...

and unveil the truth that I was not a mute at all, I was just using that demonstration technique to powerfully implant the concept into their minds that: 


1) "Bringing the OFFLINE World to Their ONLINE Presence™" - My company Mantra!

.... P L U S

2) The added benefit of TRACKING the interaction/engagement of their target audience to the "mission critical" message they wanted to deliver!

The MC asked for a show of hands from all those who had smartphones. 20 hands went up.

Then he asked, "How many of you have an "App" can that read these little things?" - as he held up a piece of paper with a QR Code Symbol on it.

Half the hands went down.  WOW!

I have since spoken to many retailers who sell smartphones and start the conversation like this, "Hi, I am Jim Bannon from BudgetVideo4BIZ, and I help businesses bring the OFFLINE World to Their ONLINE Presence™.... and, You guys should be shot!"

Then I shut up for a moment.

Obviously, this gets a reaction, and I have their attention!

I then go on the explain that a car dealer would never let someone drive a new car off their lot without windshield wipers that work.

Shifting to how this analogy relates to a smartphone, I ask, "How could you ever let a new customer leave your store without at least helping them to download a QR code scanning FREE APP, and at least showing them how to do one successful scan?"

You have just placed one of the most powerful tools known to man in their hands, but not even TAUGHT them how to use one of its absolutely most powerful features. <Huge Frown>

Of course, the demo scan I would like them to use would be a Call2ACTION™ Symbol that I would be happy to provide - which leads to one of my "Campaigns" -- like my Call2ACTION™ Symbol SCHOOL at:

But, I digress...
back to the story...

So, now we are left with only 10 hands in the air...

... only a quarter of the potential "Target Audience". 

If that is not bad enough, the MC asks one final question, "How many of you have ever successfully scanned one of these?"... only 4 hands were left in the air!

WOW!  What an educational challenge...

With any challenge, the solution is usually to find a creative way to address it.

I went home and decided the problem was how the industry was currently using QR Codes... they just print a symbol somewhere and "assume" folks will figure out what to do with it!

WRONG!  Failure and frustration await!

We need to directly address the primary problem:

"At your fingertips" availability of a scanning app, and the knowledge of how to use it.

Meet the "QR Code Carrier-Envelop"

Note: the blank square at the lower right is a "placeholder" for your logo!

This little EDUCATOR graphic, 

... if placed to the left of a Call2ACTION™ Symbol...

can become the great "Enabler" - opening a whole New World of VALUE that lies behind scans of QR Codes [Call2ACTION™ Symbols] - if the marketer who creates the original symbol:

follows the Magic Rule of 4 when designing each marketing "Campaign"

Here is how I would print a "subtle invitation" using this 
Call2ACTION™ Symbol Carrier-Envelop
to encourage folks to visit my FREE web page to download the Call2ACTION™ Symbol Resources mentioned in this post

Click on the graphic above to go directly to a web page that will allow you to DOWNLOAD these FREE Resources

! You are hereby granted a "License" to Customize them with your logo for YOUR Business!

And Yes, Virgina, I will be TRACKING those visits to measure that engagement!

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