Monday, September 16, 2013

Square Wallet - Pay With Your SMARTPHONE

Can you imagine paying for nearly everything with your SMARTPHONE?

If it is "leading edge", you would expect Starbucks to be all over it, right?

Well, they certainly are fostering the explosive growth of Mobile Marketing....and to prove my point that Camera-less video is a super way to communicate new concepts; they have even used an animated video to communicate their new "Partnering" arrangement with Smart Wallet, an applicatioin for iPhone or Android that allows you to pay with your smartphone - linked to your credit card.

To see the video on Starbucks own site, just follow the link below:

Square Wallet Play Video
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Square Wallet links to your credit or debit card, letting you use your phone to pay at participating Starbucks stores and other neighborhood businesses.
Paying with your phone makes life easier.

Walk into a Starbucks store and place your order. Open the Square Wallet app, tap on “Starbucks” and scan your phone. That’s it! Now you’ve got all that extra time to enjoy your coffee.

But Square Wallet does more than that – it also connects you to other local businesses in your neighborhood and helps you discover great places and deals. Starbucks is partnering with Square to bring the mobile payment revolution to more places in your city and across the country.

Square Wallet links directly to your credit or debit card and manages your digital receipts. It basically turns your phone into your wallet!

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