Thursday, September 5, 2013

RADIO - versus - Direct Mail/ONLINE Media : To air, or not?

From a facebook post and comment to a friend who just bought a radio ad.

 Everything I do in my business (and for my Clients) gets MEASURED!
I hope it is the same with your business, Phil.

->>> I would love to hear what your ROI (Return on Investment) is with this approach.

I believe a targeted Video Marketing Campaign would probably generate 3-5 TIMES more ROI than a radio ad, but it will be a wonderful learning lesson to hear your stats - if they do prove me wrong.

I council clients the best way to gain new business is to cost-effectively use Direct Mail [and Social Media/Email] to DRIVE TRAFFIC to their ONLINE coupon/special incentive offer.... where they can be converted from a Prospect Into a Customer.

In my humble (and biased) opinion, CAll2ACTION(TM) Symbols are the perfect vehicle to get that accomplished. MOST COST EFFECTIVELY, on a Budget!

I'll wait patiently with baited breath to see if your significant investment in radio produces anywhere near the ROI you were expecting. Good Luck.

I love it when good guys like you succeed, because you refuse to let a tough economy get you down; you just keep fighting and moving forward - trying different ways. God Bless You, Phil. I admire your perseverance.


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