Saturday, September 21, 2013

Please stop complaining about how busy you are

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"Please stop complaining about how busy you are"


This is so prevalent in today's "sound bite" world, I even had a cartoon graphic commissioned which really puts in all in perspective -- GO AHEAD, ENJOY and SHARE it freely!

Custer's Last Stand ->






If folks only knew how Un-Professional they appear when they voice such ridiculousness!

[Yes, I am periodically guilty too!]


It is like admitting, "I am so incompetent I can not even capably manage the valuable resource that is almost TOTALLY in my control - TIME!"


"I am demonstrating by my words and ACTIONS (or lack of ACTION) that I am not skillful enough to capably manage my day in a manner that will permit my business to generate improved ROI - Return on Investment - because I do not consistently demonstrate the solid discipline that guides how I consciously choose to allocate this MISSION CRITICAL resource!"

Ironically, these folks are the very ones I [and other experienced pros] can help with the products and services we offer to small local businesses.

For example, my company's MISSION is to help them increase sales and "Bring the OFFLINE World to Their ONLINE Presence(TM)" BUT, I can't help if they don't allocate the TIME and TAKE THE ACTION to move forward toward achieving that goal.

REMEMBER, by their own words, these folks are making themselves easy to recognize - vocalizing their incompetence with each statement that comes out of their mouth!

They also are easy to pick out of a crowd; as they are the very ones who never COMMIT to any kind of  meeting date or ACTION PLAN, that has the potential to help them move forward more productively - and more profitably.


I ran across so many of these "UN-Professionals" I thought they were forming a fraternity; and they appear to be growing in numbers.  (Don't worry, NO NAMES will be shared here)

That's why I commission the "Custer's Last Stand" Cartoon --

 E N J O Y !!!

PS - Another tell-tale sign allowing them to be spotted in a crowd are the words they use as an excuse for NOT KNOWING, again clearly demonstrating another glaring ADMISSION of their incompetence, "I never read all the way through the email"

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