Friday, August 30, 2013

QR Code Best Practices - Rule of 4


I wrote an earlier post using the "Rule of 3", but then experience taught me some valuable lessons!

 The term I use for the greatest gift a Marketer could ever receive is Call2ACTION™ Symbol - which others call QR Codes (for Quick Response).

While it is a crime resellers of smartphones let their customers leave the store without downloading a QR reader app AND teaching the users how to do at least one SUCCESSFUL scan,

As Professional Marketers, we must be diligent in abiding by the Rule of 4 to assure users gain a very positive experience once they do scan a Call2ACTION™ Symbol:


1) Make sure you never promote the symbol without also including a HUMAN READABLE, "Shortened" URL 

My experience with clients and smartphone users has proven that a special "Shortened" URL - with its robust tracking capabilities - can be 10 Times More Effective in Driving the Requested ACTION than simply placing the Call2ACTIONSymbol out there, naked by itself.


Yes, sales of smartphones are growing exponentially, but the reality is that over 75% of users can not utilize the full power of the Call2ACTION™ Decoders they have in their hands, because:


a) They have not downloaded and installed a FREE "App" , like SCAN for iPhone or QRDroid for Android


b) Many don't even know they need to download and install an "App".  Some don't know where to go to get one or how to install it, and more still do not know how to quickly find the "App" icon to QUICKLY be able to use it :-(


c) Some even think the symbol scanning/decoding process involves "Taking a Picture" of the symbol, and therefore try to use their camera - only to leave frustrated and disappointed, instead of understanding the scanning process.


2) To achieve the most impact from your Call2ACTION™ Symbol Campaign, it is a great idea to use a CUSTOM Landing page - one that is Mobile Optimized!


Driving mobile user traffic to your own home page that may be complex, contain a lot of small text, or requires zooming and scrolling to get the message... is a real TURNOFF, and may even sour folks from scanning QR Codes in the future.


We all need to take responsibility for assuring that behind every Call2ACTION™ Symbol there lies a very rich and rewarding experience!


Please don't kill this Golden Marketing/Communication Tool, by not following industry "Best Practices"


3) Offer VALUE to the person for following your "Call2ACTION Invitation" by scanning the QR Code


An offer for a free Whitepaper, Video Tutorial, coupon, savings on a future purchase, or even a refund - to show new customers how much you value their business, and the little extra effort they demonstrated by interacting with your

Call2ACTION™ Campaign

can go a long way to increasing ENGAGMENT, conversion of prospects, building positive brand recognition and ensuring customer loyalty!

Offer REWARD and you'll be REWARDED with increased business!


4) Use Video and Graphics as your primary communication medium. 

Minimizing the amount of text you use will maximize the length of time users stay ENGAGED with your Mobile Optimized Campaign Site!


Finally, as Professional Marketers we need to do a much better job of educating and setting proper expectations. 

Call2ACTION™ Symbols are a GOLD MINE... for those who learn how to use them effectively - in well thought out, well implemented Campaigns... that's why I have my clients call them "Call2ACTION™ Symbols" instead of QR (Quick Response) codes!

 Combine this Rule of 4 with robust tracking and you have a Professional Marketers Dream!

 To learn more about the robust Call2ACTION™ Campaign Generator and Tracking Tool I use for my business, please check out:

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