Friday, July 19, 2013

QR Code Best Practices - Rule of 3

Here is the Midwest most don't have a clue what QR Codes "really" are, and it is a crime resellers of smartphones let their customers leave the store without downloading a QR reader app AND teaching the users how to do at least one SUCCESSFUL scan.

As Professional Marketers, we must be diligent in abiding by the Rule of 3:


1) Make sure the CUSTOM Landing page is Mobile Optimized

2) Offer VALUE to the person for following your "Call2ACTION" by scanning the QR Code,


3) Use Video and Graphics 



as much as possible to communicate most effectively.  


Finally, as Professional Marketers we need to do a much better job of educating and setting proper expectations. 

Call2ACTION Symbols (TM) are a GOLD MINE... for those who learn how to use the effectively in well thought out, well implemented Campaigns... that's why I have my clients call them "Call2ACTION Symbols" instead of QR (Quick Response) codes!


Combine that Rule of 3 with robust tracking and you have a Professional Marketers Dream!


BTW - I was involved with the first UPC (bar code) install - 1974 at Kroger, Kenwood Shopping Center, Cincinnati - right near the UPC Council HQ in Dayton. Compared to the fantastic POWER and Versatility of a QR Code... UPC was like Kindergarten to today's Graduate Level Marketing with QR Codes.

Remember, it took YEARS for this to be adopted and would not have succeeded like it did if a guy named "Sam" didn't get behind it and charge manufacturer's $1K for each instance where a scan failed in his stores. That was Wal*Mart.

We need that kind of LEADERSHIP today to foster ubiquitous adoption and usage of what I like to term "Call2ACTION Symbols(TM)"


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