Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Metrics of Success - MagiKube™

Helping Bringing the OFFLINE World to Your ONLINE Presence is the essence of my video production business - especially locally, here in McHenry.

Call2ACTION Symbols™ are a marketers dream.  Others call them QR [Quick Response] Codes.

I very seldom do anything in my business that I don't measure.

My QR Code generator application is also a very robust scanning TRACKER and produces powerful and thorough summary charts -- providing me with invaluable information so I can see how many people that I INVITE to ACTION by subtly presenting my QR Code Graphic, will actually take the requested action.  Basically, it is the acid test for "Did they do it, or not?"

To make sure I gain maximum utilization/participation in the Campaigns I run with and for my clients, I also use a human-readable "shortened" URL to be sure folks who don't have a smartphone, who have not downloaded and installed a FREE App, or - who don't know how to find and start that app, quickly... can still be "Players" and participate in the excitement we create by "teasing them" with a Call2ACTION Symbol™.

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but if the Call2ACTION Symbol™ Campaign  is properly designed and implemented, curiosity causing the scan of a 
Call2ACTION Symbol™ will produce a REWARD, or at least provide the person scanning with enough VALUE - they'll want to scan the next code they see (on the next panel of the cube).

All of us as professional marketers have an obligation to be certain we are providing a favorable experience when folks go through the effort to respond to our INVITATIONS.  And, that is exactly what these symbols are -- INVITATIONS TO ACTION!

When it comes to marketing ROI on that invaluable asset TIME, I do A/B split testing to know what is successful (and therefore where I should spend more time), and what is not so successful - where I'll leave that activity to my competitor to eat up his/her valuable time doing that.

I recently introduced a product which is a small 1 1/8" plastic small cube filled with mints.  The top opens to access the mints, and the bottom label is devoted to the legal mumbo jumbo that is required of a food product.  BUT, that leaves 4 sides to use for
Call2ACTION Symbols™.

As for which
Call2ACTION Symbol™ "Target" or "Landing Page" or "Decoded Result" I choose for each panel...I try to expand my thinking to consider the vast range of QR Code "Actionables" that the symbol specs allow for.  I then put different symbols on each panel (and change them monthly) to deliver a virtual smorgasbord of interesting EVENTS / EXPERIENCES that increase engagement with my audience - the person who received the

MagiKube™ as a promotional gift.

Using this powerful QR Code capability to simply lead to a web page URL is just the tip of the iceberg... and it MUST be a Mobile Optimized one, or everyone gets a bad taste in their mouth.

I believe if it is important enough to deserve creating a
Call2ACTION Symbol™ - Quick Response Code - it deserves having a CUSTOM Landing page.  That landing page is also a perfect opportunity for LEAD CAPTURE, but only if VALUE is delivered!  An informational/instructional video is ideal; as is a coupon or discount offer.

If the offer is a whitepaper, be sure to have an email client popup for the user to send it to an email account that they will check later, when they are on a desktop/laptop system that is connected to a printer.

Once adoption progresses exponentially among smartphone users in the US as it has in other countries, there is a another huge potential for the DESKTOP market.  Imagine an "interactive" YouTube video!

I already use a
Call2ACTION Symbol™ with special text encoded that utilizes the power of YouTube's "Annotation" capabilities and can INVITE folks to:

1) Subscribe to my Channel before they enter, and can even

2)  Initiate a popup "Personal Message" form that goes directly to my inbox on my YouTube channel.

Let's hear some more "Out of the Box" creative ideas!

I would especially be interested in hearing about the "metrics of success" others have achieved with their Mobile Marketing Campaigns - utilizing the power of this untapped potential gold mine to

 "Bring the OFFLINE World to Your ONLINE Presence"!

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