Monday, July 15, 2013

Best Of Breed use of QR Codes for LOCAL Marketing - Red Mango

These folks at Red Mango certainly know how to marry QR Codes with a solid presence on top Social Media sites - to generate maximum IMPACT, and an opportunity for BONDING with their customers.

They earned my "BEST OF BREED" vote for effective use of Social Media in Local Marketing.  See the landing page here:
The Story
My son in law, Devin, was visiting from Colorado last week. He came back from a trip buying frozen yogurt from our Red Mango location in McHenry, IL and showed me the QR (Quick Response) Code printed at the bottom of the receipt.

He knew my business was focused on helping local businesses improve their local marketing effectiveness - using what I term "Call2ACTION Symbols" -- supported by a CUSTOM Mobile Optimized Landing Site and VIDEO for maximum engagement and measurable RESULTS!

I market a powerful tool under the brand MOVS - [sounds like "Movies" ] - Mobile Optimized Video Site which also happens to be a QR code Generator on steroids PLUS a powerful, robust ACTION TRACKING mechanism for analytics.

I also market a QR Code facebook LIKES GENERATOR - available on my web page for only $59 - with a unique guarantee to double the LIKES a business gets from their fan page.

Along with the guarantee comes "hands on involvement" and best practices coaching during the IMPLEMENTATION - to assure the DOUBLING of LIKES goal is attained.

Red Mango did such a great job, I would hesitate to offer them my guarantee that I could double their likes :-).  They already have 767,000!
I compliment the folks at Red Mango for using their facebook Business "FAN" page as a landing page for their QR (Quick Response) Code "Call to Action" - when people were curious enough to scan it with their smartphone.

The reason they received my "Best of Breed" vote was not only that they used a QR Code "Call2ACTION Symbol" to guide folks to facebook as a Landing Page, but they also paid attention to the VALUE RECEIVED once folks arrived there.

The visitor could find VALUE thru the "Apps" that were an integral part of the header.  Within the 3 "Available to Customize" icons  [FYI: facebook make "Photos" permanent and that app/icon can not be changed], they had:

- Twitter and
- Pinterest

icon/apps - along with their LIKES counter.

Clicking the drop down icon for MORE... (called "below the fold" positions).. they also had two more powerful apps/icons:

- Instagram
- Videos

While Red Mango's implementation was one of the best I've seen, impact could be improved by INCREASING ENGAGEMENT still further.

That could be accomplished by a dedicated and CUSTOM Landing Page for each "Campaign" with a Video "Explainer" along with a SPECIAL OFFER/DEAL -- as a reward for scanning the "Call2ACTION Symbol".  Or, even a simple Video THANK YOU - like this one:

Engagement can also be increased by including a chat box, "Contact Us" email icon, or a second QR Code leading to a second location PROMISING (and Delivering) yet more information and VALUE.

After all, the goal is to do everything possible to improve the relationship and bonds that Social Media can foster between a leading-edge progressive company and their most valued audience - their prospects, customers (and future REPEAT customers).

Keep Up the Good and Creative Work, Red Mango!

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