Thursday, July 18, 2013

ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute) Show Summary

I just got back from McCormick Place at the ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute) show, as a guest of one of my clients.

I was expecting to see "State of the Art" Success Stories...with implementing what I teach my clients to refer to as "Call2ACTION Symbols(TM)".

I was sooooooo disappointed.  90% did not have a clue about the POWER they had in their hands.

We have a HUGE education challenge.

Here are some "out of the box ideas" I shared with CEOs and Marketing Managers; hopefully you'll find VALUE...
1) How about using a symbol inserted within a Video -- calling for an ACTION.... Voila, a whole new dimension to YouTube.

2) How many "hunt and peck" typists like me are out there? Typing a long URL can be a pain and easy to make mistakes. QR Code is the answer!

PS - Many think the traditional church guidance for Celibacy among Catholic priests was the result of a typo... The instruction was to CELEBRATE :-)

-->> Many think these codes are limited to taking a person to a HOME PAGE URL. That's only the tip of the iceberg.
3) What about leading the prospect to a CUSTOM landing page giving a PowerPoint presentation?

4) How about delivering a VCARD... like I do on my website home page, so my clients can just click and save me as a contact in their Outlook, guaranteeing that the next email from me is "whitelisted" and avoiding the frustration of clients searching for an important email I sent them.

5) How about translating a restaurant menu item from English to Spanish?

6) How about delivering an audio presentation, like a Podcast, or a simple "How To" instruction, verbally?

I think that is enough to prove the point that their is tons more POWER in this whole Quick Response thing .... ADD the robust Metrics that are available from tracking the prospect's ACTION to the subtle "Invitation" that a QR code represents.... and you have a Marketers Dream.

Why limit it to smartphones?

I recommend QR scanning software for Desktops!

Remember, it started in a manufacturing environment in Japan and exploded. We in the US have yet to catch up ...heck, we are barely scratching the surface.

I also agree with comments about "poor implementation" -- that is the responsibility of the Campaign Creator -- again, the guy or gal at the desktop :-)

I try to educate my clients to use the Rule of 4:
1) Never, Never, Never.... Did I say, "Never!" ... Publish a QR Code symbol "NAKED AND ALONE".  Always use a "Human-Readable, shortened URL" as part of it -- I call this a

Call2ACTION™ Symbol

2) Have the "Call2ACTION Symbol(TM)" go to a Mobile Optimized Page -- if you are using it to translate to a URL!

3) Offer a reward or VALUE for the person scanning the symbol (wherever they might be)

4) Use Graphics, Video, and Audio as much as possible to increase engagement and ACTION

Finally, to all Professional Marketers out there..... Let's spread the "Best of Breed" stories..... Just using these FANTASTIC TOOLS to translate and lead to a URL is like Picasa painting with only two colors in his palette. We can be better than that!

Hopefully, this has spurred some creative juices.

Let's hear CREATIVE IDEAS (and success stories) FROM OTHERS....JUMP IN, and contribute!

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