Saturday, June 15, 2013

MOVS - Mobile Optimized Video Site

Only $20 [One Time!]

for a  MOVS - Mobile Optimized Video Site.  To see the POWER, look at mine, here:

This is a dynamite QR Code generator that doubles as a Video Delivery tool - Optimized for Smartphones.  Contact me to learn more.  I'll help you GET YOURS SETUP TODAY!!!

Questions?  Want to learn more?  Just visit:

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These tips will put Mobile Marketing Power at Your Fingertips - ask me about:

* Using QR Code "Surveys" for Feedback

* Using QR Code to allow delivery of  your complete Powerpoint Presentation to a smartphone

*  Using QR Code to autosend an email - with Subject and Message - notifying you that it was scanned

*  Using QR Code to translate a Spanish phrase to English, or English to Spanish

* Using QR Code as a sweepstakes entry form

* Using QR Code to deliver any video you have up on your YouTube Channel (also ask us how we can make YouTube Videos INTERACTIVE for You!)

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