Sunday, June 30, 2013

Concerned Friends

Sometimes people respond differently to the


than you had intended.

I wrote...  "Dedicated to my youngest daughter Lindsay"

Here is an excerpt from a recent email that says it all...

Thank you for your compassion and concern.  A friend also wrote to ask if Lindsay was OK…I should have thought that part through, as certainly I do not want to cause my friends and associates concern!

My daughter is OK, Thank You [ and THANK God] BUT, the BACKGROUND info is…

I used to drive by a car that was parked out front of a body shop on Rte 176 on the way to and from work....The body shop owner had spray painted the word "TEXTING" across the smashed in, pushed back front of the car....
And I told my daughter about it -- to ENCOURAGE her to QUIT TEXTING!

Yet, the next time I was with her, she was STILL texting.  I have nightmares thinking about the potential of losing her!

I am doing this to embarrass her into stopping it.

Like a smoker, you have to constantly remind them before it will sink in AND THEY WILL ACTUALLY TAKE THE ACTION TO QUIT THEIR ADDICTION!

I hope my efforts can be one small drop in the bucket to support AT&T’s “It Can Wait” campaign.  I really appreciate the creative genius who thought this up

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1) What action would you take if one of your loved ones continued to text as she/he was driving?

2) What "Unusual Approach" do you take when you see someone texting - to encourage them to STOP DOING IT?

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5) Being HONEST... do you TEXT and DRIVE?