Saturday, February 23, 2013

Creating a "Jump To" INDEX within your YouTube Video

To use a "JUMP TO" INDEX
First, create a Numbered List on a graphic INSIDE THE VIDEO,
for example, a menu bar on the right border containing text like this:

1. Chapter I - Start at the beginning of this video

2. Chapter II - Go to a point 1 minute and 15 seconds into this video

3. Chapter III - Go to the part where I show a "before" example in a DIFFERENT video on my channel [2:39]

4. Chapter IV - Go to timepoint "X" in this video [at 3 Min 12 Sec]

5. Chapter V - Go to the closing credits in this video

Once the video is rendered and uploaded, edit it to create 5 individual annotations using a "Spotlight" - set to invisible - and place each over each bullet, with appropriate timeline and video identification URL settings for each bullet.

NOTE: Set the timing of ALL these annotations to remain on during the entire time the "MENU" rendered in the video is showing on screen.

The example I will use for this demonstration is, #3 = "3. Chapter III - Go to the part where I show a "before" example in a DIFFERENT video on my channel [2:39]"

CRITICAL NOTE: If you plan to "jump to" another video (like bullet point 3. I am using in this example) to have the viewer go directly to a certain point in a video OTHER THAN THE ONE THEY ARE WATCHING that has the INDEX GRAPHIC in it, PLEASE REMEMBER, once you send a user away, there is no way to get them back (unless that video you are redirecting them to ALSO has a annotation that leads the user BACK to the original with another mouse click, and you are CERTAIN they will do it!)

You'll want to copy the URL of the video you are leading the viewer to (in most cases like bullets 1,2,4,and 5 on our example index menu - it will be THIS ONE they are watching) from the browser's address bar and paste in onto a text editor like notepad.

To create the code to have a video "skip" to that certain time point on that "external" video - [2 minutes and 39 seconds from the beginning], we'll now change the code in notepad a little to become -

IMPORTANT: If you copy this URL from the address bar of your browser, be sure to remove the "s" from the https://" then add a suffix - "#t=2m39.0s" to indicate the point in time [2 minutes and 39 seconds from the beginning]

When you are creating the annotation itself, a drop down data entry box will appear after you check "Link", where you copy this line from your notepad and just paste it directly into that box.

Once you are done, remember to include your INDEX in the YouTube Description Field, for example:

0:00 - Chapter I - Start at the beginning of this video
1:15 - Chapter II - Problems that our prospects have with Powerpoint presentations
2:39 - Chapter III - The "Before" example from an industry-leading slidecast
3:12 - Chapter IV - The SOLUTION - "After" example using focus zoom, and animated graphic highlights
5:26 - Chapter V - How to contact me to learn more

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