Sunday, February 17, 2013

Creating a Google + Custom Vanity URL Address

Google Plus is quickly becoming "today's facebook" - ON STEROIDS.
Launched in 2011 Google+ now has over 250 million registered active users and growing exponentially.

How do you capitalize on this trend so you don't get left behind?

If you don't already have a Google "account" - i.e you are not already a gmail or youtube user...
Just create a Google "account" by visiting

In the process, you'll receive a google email account which is "Yourchosenusername"
Remember, Google are the folks who bring you YouTube, so you'll probably want to create a YouTube account as well (but I divert from the main purpose of this post).  This will now take you thru the process of creating your google account profile.

From the google profile you can choose to use this profile in Google+.

-------->>>>>>>    To create a Google+ account, just go to:

Now, back to creating the short / custom vanity url for your google+ profile
1. Create your Google Plus Page

2. Go to your Page and get the Page ID on the address bar. For example, my page’s ID is 104782433895441071396

Google+ unfortunately uses a rather ugly URL for your "Profile", here is my profile URL:

Not very intuitive or easy to remember, right?

Currently, you can’t set the "username" [104782433895441071396 in my case], directly to a "Vanity" Google+ URL, BUT there is a pretty good way shorten it so that it looks cleaner and more recognizable.

Just go to a third party site for FREE - -  to enter your Google+ ID [104782433895441071396 in my case] into the box and this site will generate a shortened URL for you.

Here is what mine looks like:

Just copy that URL and start giving it out to all your friends, business associates, and then listing it on web sites and in your Blog, like this one :-)

Just because you were interested enough to read this far....

CHECK: If you want to check your google "account" at any time just go to:

CHECK: If you want to check your google+ "account" - just look on the left margin for a link to check your Google+ settings:

MULTIPLE SIGN-IN: If you have multiple Google accounts, you can sign in and out using multiple sign-in, which allows you to use up to ten Google Accounts within the same browser.

1. Open a new tab,
2. Sign into a product that supports multiple sign-in (like Gmail),
3. Click your name or email address at the top of the page, and
4. Select Add account from the drop-down menu

To learn more:

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