Sunday, February 24, 2013

BudgetVideo4BIZ launches presence on Independent Business Owners Network - IBOToobox

BudgetVideo4BIZ today is pleased to announce the launch of their presence on the online community at IBOToolbox - a community of Independent Business Owners whose goal is to expand their online presence, in a safe/secure and reputable business environment.

Tagline: “Providing ECONOMICAL tools to help communicate your mission critical messages @ the Speed of SIGHT”
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BudgetVideo4BIZ is an internet video editing and production company - helping companies “Propel their Sales Forward” - with Video.

Our 3 core products provide the absolute necessary ingredients for any company who wants to build a solid Video Marketing Strategy:

• You*VeeTM - [Sounds like Movie, but You are the Star!] - Your company’s “Unique Value Proposition” - in a 60-second Video “Elevator Speech”.

• Vid-eMonialTM - Customer Testimonials delivered in Compelling Video - to develop trust and prove credibility.

• Video-IDEAGramTM - Communicating Your Critical Business Messages, MEMORABLY!

For about the price of a cup of coffee a day, we can spark e-Motion and ignite Action!

Leveraging a solid foundation of learning and extensive "real life" experience with such Corporate leaders as General Electric, Square D, Wooster Brush, and Triad Systems (Now Activant) to create leading edge, "out of the box" solutions for small and medium size businesses. Our motto is: "Propelling your sales forward by utilizing the latest Video, e-Marketing, collaboration, social networking, and customer relationship management tools - leaping ahead of your competitors"

Our flagship, POWERPOINTTOYOUTUBE (formerly a website by that name, now a video feature at   PowerPoint To YouTube), is one of the fastest and most economical ways to create a video - for those just getting started.

Asking you to submit a PowerPoint presentation, we teach you how to create an audio narration track - permitting us to apply our professional editing, enhancement and conversion process - to combine those 2 basic elements into a powerful HIGH IMPACT VIDEO for use on YouTube, your web page, or for distribution to clients and prospects.

All this with a turnaround of only 48 hours and a cost of just $249 for a 2-3 minute video.

Our secondary focus is a presence on a wide variety of "MicroJob" sites - promoting LIVE video backgrounds and Chromakey editing to allow users to impose their spokesperson over professionally captured 1920x1080p HD video in beautiful outdoor settings. Tips and Tricks for proper Green Screen lighting for professional high quality output are also featured.

Feedback and communication with potential "Mutual Benefit Relationship" business partners is always welcome. Believing in integrity and transparency, a simple Google search for "BudgetVideo4BIZ" and "YourPCGuruJim" can identify numerous "ProBono" contributions - providing FREE Tutorials and "How To" assistance.

To foster two-way communication, we always try to deliver VALUE in the posts made not only here, but also on our primary BLOG and YouTube Channel

If you can benefit from our experience and open-minded willingness to learn, please reach out. We work hard to be responsive to every contact within 48 hours.


Jim Bannon
Chief Innovation Advocate
BudgetVideo4BIZ - the dot goes after the 4, and the suffix of becomes the email address.

PS - Standard Web Site Header Indexes typically include "About Us", "Contact Us", Products/Services", and the most progressive and effective are including another header, "Video Testimonials".

Check out your competitors' site to see how many are using Video to increase their SEO.

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