Saturday, March 10, 2012

Practicing what I Preach.

Practicing what I Preach. My "Elevator Speech" for my Business BudgetVideo4BIZ is now under ABOUT on my facebook pages.



“Providing ECONOMICAL tools to help communicate your mission critical messages @ the Speed of SIGHT”

BudgetVideo4BIZ is an internet video editing and production company – helping companies “Propel their Sales Forward” - with Video.

Our flagship, the website POWERPOINTTOYOUTUBE.COM, is the fastest and most economical way to create a video - for those just getting started.
Asking you to submit a PowerPoint presentation, we teach you how to create an audio narration track - permitting us to apply our professional editing, enhancement and conversion process – to combine those 2 basic elements into a powerful HIGH IMPACT VIDEO for use on YouTube, your web page, or for distribution to clients and prospects.
Our 3 core products provide the absolute necessary ingredients for any company who wants to build a solid Video Marketing Strategy:
·        You-Veetm - [Sounds like Movie] - Your company’s “Unique Value Proposition” - in a 60-second Video “Elevator Speech”.
·        Vid-eMonialtm - Customer Testimonials delivered in Compelling Video - to develop trust and prove credibility.
·        Video-IDEAGramtm- Communicating Your Critical Business Messages, MEMORABLY!

For about the price of a cup of coffee a day, we can spark e-Motion and ignite Action!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The POWER of Video

225 Million Views.  If this doesn't prove the POWER OF VIDEO, what does?  www.budgetvideo4.BIZ.
225 Million Views.  If this doesn't prove the POWER OF VIDEO, what does?  www.budgetvideo4.BIZ. 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

TechSmith |, online video sharing, Home

TechSmith |, online video sharing, Home

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Create a You-Vee for Your Business - Unique Value Proposition in VIDEO

Do You Have a Video Marketing Strategy?

Convert your leads into sales using video. A picture speaks 1000 words, A video runs at 24-60 frames per second; that means video 'SAYS' between 1,440,000 & 3,600,000 words per minute. Video has PROVEN to be the #1 vehicle for SEO, ROI [Return on Investment] and customer attraction / conversion!
 What are YOUR next TWO (2) NEW Customers worth to you?

Communicating @ The Speed of SIGHT!

Communicate YOUR MESSAGE -  By TELLING A VIDEO STORY … Creating “Ideas that STICK"!

The Power of Video For Your Business

See page 2 of (after you told us you visited our site) to getYOUR FREE GIFT BELOW THE VIDEO PLAYER

What is Included in Your Video Marketing Solution

You-Vee™ - [Sounds Like "Movie"] - Elevator Speech for YOUR business
Vid-e-Monials™ - Customer Testimonials delivered in Compelling Video
Video-IDEAGrams™ - Communicating Your Critical Business Messages, MEMORABLY!
Nothing Communicates Your Message Better Than Creative, Engaging & Compelling Video!

The Key to Gaining TRUST - Demonstrating Integrity w/ Credibility
"People don't want to hear, and do not TRUST, what you say about YOU...
RATHER, they base their decisions - and their actions - on the thoughts and opinions of others; WHAT THEY SAY about you."
From: Lessons your mother taught you

My FREE gift to you is on PAGE 2 - available after you tell us who you are by filling in the form!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

SURVEY - How Does Video Improve Google Rankings?

Video Survey Results
Thanx to:

Here are the most recent results....
Using Video Marketing: (as of 12/2011)
Yes -  61%
No - 39%

Plan to use Video Marketing (within the next 2-3 months)
Yes - 91%
No - 1%
Don't Know/Not Sure - 8%

Biggest Challenges Faced by USERS:
Editing - 45%
“Making time to do it” - 42%
“Figuring out what to say or do” - 26%
“Uploading/distributing/sharing your video” - 19%
“Getting your video recorded” - 13%

Biggest Challenges Faced by NON-USERS:
“Finding the time to do it” - 38.5%
“Learning how to do it” - 25%
"Fear of equipment or technology” - 15%
“Fear of being on camera” - 11.5%

Clearly, the vast majority of entrepreneurs INTEND to begin using video marketing if they haven’t already started.  As with most new projects, making the time to do it is the biggest challenge.  (Ironically, it usually doesn’t take nearly as long as most people perceive!)

One thing is for sure: Video marketing is well worth the time and effort it takes to get started.   There’s simply no better way to promote and build your business.

-->> Videos can increase your Google ranking by a factor of 50; and we now know that websites with video sell up to 45% more.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

How to Record Yourself in Windows

Giving away free video - "How to Record Yourself in Windows" to put you a step ahead converting PowerPoint to Video