Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Great "Give-Away"

As Sales Managers, Business Owners, Marketing Executives and New Business Development Sales Professionals we get trapped into the old habits of "Conventional Thinking".

Here's an idea whose time has come...

Would your TARGETED TOP PROSPECT listen to your message - if it was delivered enclosed in a FREE DVD player?
That's right FREE!  When you think of all the time, money, and effort you invest trying to get in front of the decision maker and then relying on a diverse sales force to deliver YOUR MESSAGE in their sometimes random, inconsistent ways... it only makes business sense to find a vehicle where you CONTROL THE MESSAGE and CONTROL THE DELIVERY.

Video allows you to do just that!
If your best sales person can make a PowerPoint that delivers your UVP [Unique Value Proposition] in under 5 minutes, we can package that into a HIGH IMPACT VIDEO presentation burned on DVD, which you can then DELIVER to your top prospects.

Does it work?

I can only tell you of a personal experience I had [using a less sophisticated vehicle of a "Autorun" PowerPoint on a Thumb Drive that I gave away to KEY TARGETED PROSPECTS] which landed me an audience, and eventually gained the business from a top production builder I had been trying to get into for over 3 years.

The net result was an exclusive as a "Standard" product to go into every home they built in 4 neighborhoods, each with over 200 lots.  With a total "Lifetime value" of that prospect in the area of $1-2 Million, my FREE Thumb Drive [or a FREE DVD Player that you can purchase for about $50] was a very wise investment indeed!

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

PowerPoint To YouTube: Your PC Guru Jim: CEO, Sales Manager, Marketing Ma...

PowerPoint To YouTube: Your PC Guru Jim: CEO, Sales Manager, Marketing Ma...: "Your PC Guru Jim: CEO, Sales Manager, Marketing Manager - Your Messa...: 'Do you agree that your #1 RESPONSIBILITY is to see your company ME..."

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Two Way Communication

When it comes to Dynamic presentations, it's a personal thing!

What are some of the aspects of your personality that come across when you give a LIVE PowerPoint Presentation?

Do you think that passion and excitement can be captured on Video?

How effective would You Be.... if you could reproduce and replicate that "Passionate You" to get your message out to a wider audience?

Please add you answers is a post to this forum.  That's 2-Way Communication!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Site Launched 2-12/2011

Well, it is finally done and READY for Prime Time!  This morning marks the official launch of  In the first 5 hours, we had 142 visitors.  Seems many folks don't recognize the right arrow as a PLAY button.  We'll have to work on that as we fine-tune the campaign.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Effective Communication Daily Tips

Scroll Down ON THIS SITE to see Effective Communication Daily Tips.  Visit often to improve an invaluable skill that we can all benefit from trying to improve!

CEO, Sales Manager, Marketing Manager - Your Message

Do you agree that your #1 RESPONSIBILITY is to see your company MESSAGE gets distributed as targeted, effectively, and impactfully as possible?

Are you using BALANCE + REPETITION across every one of the Social Media vehicles as possible?

How do you measure ROI so you can adjust and adapt?