Wednesday, December 21, 2011

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Friday, July 1, 2011

Facebook To Unveil Skype-Powered Video Chat Next Week [UPDATED]

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Description:’s “awesome” announcement next week has been spoiled. The social network will reportedly be unveiling a Skype-powered video chat platform.
Facebook’s Seattle team was behind the new feature, according to TechCrunch. Skype and Facebook already have a serious partnership that integrated Facebook social data directly into the Skype client. Now it looks like Skype will be coming to Facebook.
This isn’t even the first time we’ve heard about Skype-powered video chat on Facebook. Rumors surfaced last year about such a product, but it never materialized.
The report is sparse on details about how it will work. Will it require a software download? Will it support group video chats? Undoubtedly it will be a major addition to the Facebook platform. Google+, the search giant’s answer to Facebook, launched with a group video chat feature, Google+ Hangouts. Google is seeing a lot of traction with the feature, but if Facebook can release a video chat product next week, Google+ Hangouts may not seem as revolutionary.
We’ve reached out to Facebook and Skype for comment.
Update: While Facebook and Skype aren’t saying anything officially, our sources confirm that Skype-powered video chat on Facebook will indeed be launching next week.
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Microsoft buys Skype [HOT REPORT]

May 10, 2011
Microsoft buys Skype: A good move for Ballmer?
10:51 AM

Paul Sakuma,


By Tim Mullaney, Special for USA TODAY

Microsoft is buying Skype in a $8.5 billion deal for cash and assumed debt. The world's largest software company is paying a fairly rich price for Skype, at 32 times last year's profit before interest, taxes and non-cash charges, especially considering that Skype's operating cash flow had been almost flat since 2008.

Microsoft hopes to use the Internet calling service to beef up its Windows 7 mobile-phone operating system and its enterprise software business by adding Skype's voice capabilities, tech blogger Om Malik reports. The logic is that Microsoft can cut marketing and overhead costs for Skype, boosting profit enough to make the deal a moneymaker if it can sell Skype's voice-over-the-Web services to corporations. Malik calls the deal "a bet worth taking, especially for a company that has been left in the cold for so long."

Or was Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer simply left to be the dumb money in Microsoft's biggest-ever deal, a role he played in the 2007 deal to buy aQuantive, the online ad agency and services company for which he paid $6 billion shortly after Google laid out half that much for online ad rival DoubleClick? It's a role he almost played, again, in the failed effort to acquire #2 search engine Yahoo for nearly twice its current market value.

The problem is a combination of Microsoft's storied bureaucracy and its persistent inability to create a money-making Internet division in more than a decade of trying. Last fiscal year, its online services division (including the Bing search engine, aQuantive, and the MSN portal) lost $2.36 billion on sales of $2.2 billion, a performance few companies would tolerate, especially in the relatively high-margin online advertising business. It's not as if these businesses are start-ups, either. Instead, they have limped along unable to thrive, with flat revenue and persistent losses, while entrepreneurial executives leave.

One glaring example is aQuantive, where sales grew 51% the year before Microsoft bought it. Three years later, in fiscal 2010, Microsoft's annual report blandly notes that advertiser and publisher tools revenue, aQuantive's core business, fell from 2009 even as the rest of the industry bounced back from the recession.

aQuantive's Razorfish ad agency was sold for $530 million in 2009 -- less than half what the same buyer, French ad-agency holding company Publicis Groupe, had paid for rival Digitas in 2006. Contrast that with what happened when Microsoft spun off Expedia in the late 1990s, a prelude to the one-time piece of MSN becoming the world's biggest travel agency.

Since Skype is a private equity-owned company packed with hired guns -- as Malik notes -- it's hard to expect them to stick around and build the business for the long term. And Microsoft's track record of replacing online entrepreneurs with top-flight managers is thin.

It's not clear who else would have paid the price Ballmer did for Skype. The private-equity firm that bought control of Skype from online auction leader eBay in 2009 helped boost sales 20% last year, but was just getting started on its strategy of focusing on corporate customers to build a second large business.

Not Facebook, which was reportedly interested but didn't have enough money. Probably not the initial public offering market: Skype had filed to go public last August, and even in a reasonably warm market the deal hadn't yet moved for reasons Skype hasn't publicly explained.

Google sniffed around but has its own Google Voice product. "How could you turn $8.5 billion away?" said Paul

Bard, an IPO market analyst at Renaissance Capital in Greenwich, Conn. "We thought it would come out at a $5 billion or $6 billion valuation."

We'll have more later on who wins and who loses in this deal, but Microsoft shareholders should be worried. Their stock is worth about what it was in late 2001, adjusted for splits, thanks to Microsoft's inability to use dealmaking to adapt to how the Web has remade the tech industry's power grid. Paying up, or maybe overpaying, for Skype isn't much of an answer.

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Bag of Marbles

A man had been particularly down on his luck. The lottery ticket he had bought did not win. The employer he worked for had laid him off. The traffic had slowed him down and made him late for an interview. The get rich quick scheme he had bought into left him broke. He was walking along the beach one evening wallowing in his poor luck when his bare foot struck something. He reached down and picked up a bag of marbles. Just my luck, he thought.

He opened the bag and took one out. He had an idea. He looked at the marble and he said to him self, “Each one of these marbles represents one of the bad things that have happened to me. I am going to state one of my troubles with each marble and through my troubles into the sea. Then, maybe my life will turn around.”

With that, he took the first marble. He said, “Here is for the lottery ticket that did not win.” Then, he threw the marble as far as he could. “That felt good,” he said as he took out the second marble. “Here is for the employer that laid me off. “That felt really good,” he said as he grabbed the next one. This went on for the better part of an hour. In the beginning, the marbles went pretty fast. As he was getting to the bottom of the bag, he really had to think. He had two marbles left. He grabbed one of them and said, “Here is for all of the good choices I am going to make going forward in my life. He threw that marble as hard as he had ever thrown anything in his life. As he heard in plunk in the water, he decided to keep the last marble as a memory of this night. He had not felt so good in a long time. He had thrown all of his troubles into the sea and he was ready for a new beginning. He put the marble in his pocket and went home.

At home, his wife noticed a difference in him right away. She asked what happened. He smiled and took the marble out of his pocket and showed it to her. He was going to tell her how he threw all of his troubles into the sea and he was ready for a fresh start. Before he could say a word, she said, “What a beautiful Pearl. Where did you get it?”

He looked at his hand. He was, in fact, holding an absolutely beautiful pearl. A pearl that would change their lives. He sold the pearl and paid all of their debt and did get that new beginning. From time to time he thought about that walk along the beach. His old self would have been full of self pity for all the pearls he threw away. His new self knew that it was the best walk he had ever taken.

Morals of the story:
Moral 1. What looks like a bag of marbles may be a bag of pearls. Your contact list is your bag of pearls. Each pearl in the bag represents one of the people or businesses that make up that list. If you think they are a marble, you will treat them as a marble and discard them. If you see them as a pearl, they may see it too. Finally, it only takes one pearl to get your dreams rolling. Imagine what will happen when you see each of pearls for what they really are.

Moral 2. When you let go of your troubles good things will happen to you. So often, we get caught up in the negatives of life. And, we let these negatives control our life. 'The economy is so bad I think I will wait to make that call.' Or, 'People really don't have the money, so I don't want to bother them.' Here is the truth.
Until the value is understood, any expense or inconvenience is too much. Once the value is known, no expense nor inconvenience with stop them.

If you have what people need, they will work with you. Focus on the positives and let go of your troubles.
Moral 3. The most important lesson of all is, when you bring home a pearl to mamma, she will be happy. And, when mamma is happy, everybody is happy.
It is not what is in the bag that is important. It is how you view what is in the bag that makes a difference.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Facebook to Buy Skype? [REPORT]

Now things can get REALLY Interesting in terms of the spread of VIDEO as the #1 communication/collaboration tool.!5798851/rumor-both-facebook-and-google-vying-to-buy-skype

ANSWER TO: "How to stream LIVE video to the internet - Inexpensively"

Please help me better understand your requirements and I can improve the VALUE of the response.  Visit my site and I have a 10 minute video overview showing how a $400 subscription and

$49/Mo can provide:  1) LIVE webcasting for one presenter with a PowerPoint and/or pre-recorded video

presentation capability and CHAT as well!.  2) Storage of 30 videos for access by anyone with a browser - great for

Testimonials or "How Tos"  3) MULTIUSER Teleconferencing among 16 people with webcams 4) Your own Pay

Per View TV channel.  I am also putting together an ONSITE larger venue (like a committee meeting) solution using

this "My Video Talk" software/service with a 2 - 3 professional cameras.  This would be a LIVE STREAMING

SOLUTION that will only involve the extra expense for camera/operator rental and an INEXPENSIVE

mixer/switcher input device.  The last piece is the challenge.  This will save hundreds if not thousands versus any other

"historic/AV production professional services " solution.


VIEWING by all your Fan Page FANS!!!


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Streaming Media East 2011

Streaming Media East 2011

Friday, April 8, 2011

Don't Ever Quit

Until I can figure out how to post a video to someone's wall, this will have to do...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Video Talk

My Video Talk - Join forces w/ the #1 "Communication/Collaboration Enabler" to allow Small/Medium Sized Business clients to "Propel Sales Forward". I could not operate my business at e-Motion Marketing Solutions w/o the robust services available in the My Video Talk Suite."

Sunday, March 13, 2011

DIY Teleprompter

RE: DIY Teleprompter
$300 to buy -- about $60 to build!!!
WOW!  That was my reaction when I saw the video at  With credit to Tom Beattie, he discovered that many folks following the "Video Revolution" have a need for teleprompters.  He then discovered they usually cost more than $1200.  Even the cheapest are in the $600 range!

So, Tom got inventive and built a DIY product that he sells for $299.  He even provided a video about how he built it.  INVALUABLE!

I went out to Bed Bath and Beyond today (as Tom suggested), bought the Laundry BackPack Bag for $9.99.  I then drove across the street to Home Depot and bought a 24" X 18" acrylic sheet (1/4" = .22mm) for $17.74 including tax and used a propane torch to bend it at 45 degrees.

Before bending I wanted to make the sheet 14" wide to fit my laptop, so I scored the acrylic (MANY times with a carbide ceramic tile scoring tool), and placed the score over the edge of my workbench, then hit the small section sticking over the edge of my workbench with a rubber mallet.  It broke off "fairly" cleanly.  To smooth the rest, I ran the edge along a grinder (slowly and carefully so as not to heat it up).  I had previously tried using a jigsaw [unsuccessfully] on an earlier acrylic project - as it just heated up the plastic and made an ugly cut as the cooled plastic just filled the line where I had just cut :-(

Marking a line with a grease pencil at the spot where I wanted the bend (10" from one edge),  I ran along that line with the propane touch on what was to become the outside of the bend.  I did make a few passes along the inside too, but focused the heat on the outside bend area.

When it was ready, I again used the front edge of my workbench to act as the bending mandrel.  To make sure I had the angle right, I had drawn 45 degree lines in pencil on my workbench and compared the bend of the acrylic against those "target lines" holding it in place until the acrylic cooled down.

The canvas bag from Bed Bath and Beyond required me to cut off the shoulder straps and use a thread remover from my wife's sewing kit to remove the "Pocket", but with a little patience and the chance to review the video a couple more times, we got it right.  My plexiglas was longer than the one Tom used, because I could not get anyone at Home Depot to cut it to length, and I wanted to avoid a second cut... so I kept the full 24".  This means I had to mount my top strip of Velcro 2" down from the edge of the acrylic, as the bag would not stretch around the entire perimeter.

I am bringing the custom cutout bag to a tailor tomorrow to have him sew velcro all away around the edge that will attach to the acrylic mounted velcro.  I am having it sewn to the OUTSIDE as I plan to turn that 1" width of velcro under/in as I attach the bag to the acrylic-mounted velcro strips.

What I did with the top two inches of acrylic that will stick out beyond where the top of the bag attaches, was to put strips of electrical tape along that space, so it will provide a black backing which (once applied) will allow the Biekert Slate 50 Mirror Film  to act as a reflector.

Thanks also to Tom for giving me Excel Glass Tinting as a source for the film as I am sure it would be tough to find something like that near my home in NW Chicagoland.

All this started with my search this morning for some free teleprompter software that our Technical Director was speaking about as I was in the conrol room of our Video Ministry at Mass this morning.... so it must be God working his wonders in my life again.  For that, I am grateful!

I can't wait to apply the film and try this out!

Jim Bannon
Your PC Guru Jim

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Great "Give-Away"

As Sales Managers, Business Owners, Marketing Executives and New Business Development Sales Professionals we get trapped into the old habits of "Conventional Thinking".

Here's an idea whose time has come...

Would your TARGETED TOP PROSPECT listen to your message - if it was delivered enclosed in a FREE DVD player?
That's right FREE!  When you think of all the time, money, and effort you invest trying to get in front of the decision maker and then relying on a diverse sales force to deliver YOUR MESSAGE in their sometimes random, inconsistent ways... it only makes business sense to find a vehicle where you CONTROL THE MESSAGE and CONTROL THE DELIVERY.

Video allows you to do just that!
If your best sales person can make a PowerPoint that delivers your UVP [Unique Value Proposition] in under 5 minutes, we can package that into a HIGH IMPACT VIDEO presentation burned on DVD, which you can then DELIVER to your top prospects.

Does it work?

I can only tell you of a personal experience I had [using a less sophisticated vehicle of a "Autorun" PowerPoint on a Thumb Drive that I gave away to KEY TARGETED PROSPECTS] which landed me an audience, and eventually gained the business from a top production builder I had been trying to get into for over 3 years.

The net result was an exclusive as a "Standard" product to go into every home they built in 4 neighborhoods, each with over 200 lots.  With a total "Lifetime value" of that prospect in the area of $1-2 Million, my FREE Thumb Drive [or a FREE DVD Player that you can purchase for about $50] was a very wise investment indeed!

To learn more about ways to "Propel Your Sales Forward", please visit

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

PowerPoint To YouTube: Your PC Guru Jim: CEO, Sales Manager, Marketing Ma...

PowerPoint To YouTube: Your PC Guru Jim: CEO, Sales Manager, Marketing Ma...: "Your PC Guru Jim: CEO, Sales Manager, Marketing Manager - Your Messa...: 'Do you agree that your #1 RESPONSIBILITY is to see your company ME..."

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Two Way Communication

When it comes to Dynamic presentations, it's a personal thing!

What are some of the aspects of your personality that come across when you give a LIVE PowerPoint Presentation?

Do you think that passion and excitement can be captured on Video?

How effective would You Be.... if you could reproduce and replicate that "Passionate You" to get your message out to a wider audience?

Please add you answers is a post to this forum.  That's 2-Way Communication!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Site Launched 2-12/2011

Well, it is finally done and READY for Prime Time!  This morning marks the official launch of  In the first 5 hours, we had 142 visitors.  Seems many folks don't recognize the right arrow as a PLAY button.  We'll have to work on that as we fine-tune the campaign.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Effective Communication Daily Tips

Scroll Down ON THIS SITE to see Effective Communication Daily Tips.  Visit often to improve an invaluable skill that we can all benefit from trying to improve!

CEO, Sales Manager, Marketing Manager - Your Message

Do you agree that your #1 RESPONSIBILITY is to see your company MESSAGE gets distributed as targeted, effectively, and impactfully as possible?

Are you using BALANCE + REPETITION across every one of the Social Media vehicles as possible?

How do you measure ROI so you can adjust and adapt?